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Reflections (again) on “Enough”

December 4, 2012

On Sunday morning as we gathered to worship Christ at the PTC, the musical team led us in the song “Enough” (by Tim Hughes).  As was the case last year at this time (see previous “Enough” post), my mind immediately asked, “Do I still believe this song as I sing it?” Last time I reflected on this song, I was physically tired and yet reflecting on immense tangible blessing – a new home, our third child on the way, two part-time jobs, good health for the family, etc.

As I sang, “All of you is more than enough for all of me, for every thirst. Every need, you satisfy me” I asked myself “Can I still sing this song whole-heartedly?” My half-time position with PCA finished a couple months ago and my other part-time employment will finish in a couple weeks (though I’ll be paid for it at the end of December). I am waiting for responses from resumes I’ve sent out and received one “we’ve hired someone else” phone call on Monday. I’ve shared recently about the blessings of my minimal employment situation, yet I am still eager to see God open the next door. Through the kindness of God’s people, our family has been blessed in a number of tangible ways in the past few weeks. Yet I wonder if this waiting time is not only about building my trust in Him, but also about reinforcing my belief that He is more than enough… for everything.


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