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Becoming like Mr Tatlock?

December 14, 2012

As I finished my class yesterday and entered the final unit test grades, I realized that most of the students will receive an “A” grade (of some variation) in their Interpersonal Communication class. While I don’t believe I have ever had a reputation as the “mean” or “hard” professor from a student’s perspective – and probably err on the side of “easy” in most students minds – I have never been the professor who “gives all A’s.” During the early 1990’s, that “distinction” here at PBI belonged to Mr. Larry Tatlock.

Now, while I may dare to put myself into the same class as “MrT” or “Brother Larry” for the above mentioned reason temporarily, please be assured, I am making NO (yes, I mean to yell!) claims of becoming Mr. Larry Tatlock. You see, before the Lord called him home in July 1997, Mr. Tatlock was a spiritual giant here on campus: as a humble man, a husband (you just had to listen to him talk about “his babe,” Mrs T), a father, a teacher, and most importantly as a Christian with a passionate heart for the lost.

So after realizing this perhaps less-than-desirable characteristic I suddenly have in common with Mr T in terms of grade distribution, I realized that I can only pray that God will continue to grace me to become like Mr Tatlock in so many of the other ways that matter as a Christian, man, and leader.


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