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Book Review Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson

April 3, 2013

Mark Batterson has once again delivered a challenging and practical book, this time on the topic of prayer. Draw the Circle is a series of devotionals arranged in a format for a 40-day prayer challenge, drawing on testimonials he has received since the release of The Circle Maker.

Indeed, as one goes through each day’s devotional, you are challenged in regards to a biblical concept and a practical way to apply it. Batterson’s honesty and gift for story-telling make each chapter a pleasurable read.

A couple chapters have a weak biblical basis (eg chapter 30 & 37) committing the exegetical fallacy (D. A. Carson) of reading any possible meaning of a word’s range into one usage. A couple other chapters are pretty “soft,” lacking good meat and content. However, these are the exception rather than the rule and over 90% are substantive in content and application. Throughout the book, the concepts are biblical and the author presents a theology of prayer (ie NOT God gives the Christian everything s/he wants) with both breadth and depth.

I would highly recommend the book, whether for the new Christian or a “mature” believer looking for a prayer challenge.

Draw the Circle was provided to the author free for the purpose of blog review by BookSneeze.

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