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Book Review Get Off Your Donkey by Reggie McNeal

April 5, 2013

Get Off Your Donkey (Reggie McNeal, Baker, 2013) is written to challenge people to make their community, country and world a better place to live by ceasing criticism of the problem and by getting off their “donkey” and contributing to the solution. (The story of the title is included in the introduction.)

McNeal argues that in the process of serving others with what a person is best at, an individual also becomes more of him/herself was intended to be. So helping others helps yourself. He demonstrates this truth effectively through a variety of illustrations. Though written for a general audience, McNeal is clear throughout the book about his Christian faith position.

McNeal sprinkles helpful personal questions with space for answers throughout the chapters, that serve both as a review of content and an opportunity for the reader to personally apply the material. As such, the book though written for a general audience, would be beneficial for a variety of group study options. I would recommend Get Off Your Donkey as an easy read and beneficial to the high school or early college student in terms of finding their place in Christian service.

This book was provided free to the author for blog review purposes by Graf-Martin Publications.

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