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I’m going to try to write poetry

April 11, 2013

Having seen the title of this posting, I hope you will be able to soon stop laughing. Yes, in doing some reading during our holiday in Mexico, I was challenged by Mark Buchanen’s book, The Rest of God (pp. 55-56) to consider writing poetry. So I am going to make it a goal to write and post on this blog one poem each week for the next 3 months. The desire is primarily to see the largeness of God in the little things of life, thus serving as a spiritual discipline (of sorts) as well help me become a better writer and challenge. Hopefully readers will receive some spiritual challenge also (and if not, at least some comic relief!). So here goes…

His View

As I look out my airplane window through the clouds

I see the anonymous little town

With one main street and a few buildings,

vehicles driving along and

dots moving along the terrain.

Its not a google map

but it is what I can see for the moment.

HE can see the people and the faces,

and even more HE can see their hearts.

HE knows their names and relationships,

habits and hairs on their head.

HE knows all those things and infinitely more

for every little town or big city

our airplane flies over today.

Click here to go to Chris Tomlin’s How Great is our God


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