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Poem #2 – SNOW

April 18, 2013

The deadline for this week’s poem creeped up on me. I thought about writing one again this week last Friday and then all of a sudden in the middle of the night this morning it dawned on me – its Wednesday today..  to post another poem. Whereas last time was “freestyle” (ie no rhyme or meter), today’s poem includes some phonological couplets.


The open fields covered in white,

remind our hearts that they

do not have to stay

as black as the night.


Those same beautiful flakes create havoc

for those going about their travels.

Much like sin, though inviting,

leads to all sorts of messes as life unravels.


Yet it soon melts into puddles

in which children splash and play.

Spring calls out,

“I am coming soon. Wait but another day.”


And that voice too

calls to mind His desire.

Amidst the coldness of hearts

He can revive the fire.



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