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Poem #3 – Happy 43rd Anniversary Mom & Dad Ibbotson

May 9, 2013

John & Wendy

met at O. B. C.

No K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

First there’s Urbana, then some dates

Soon they’re married & AEF candidates.

Ready for Angola

then a change of plans.

A baby boy, Steven…

It’s all in HIS hands.

On to South Africa

to tell of Christ’s love.

Then another little boy

Timothy is a gift from above.

Back to Canada in ’75

They move their boys West

First, Balzac, then Calgary,

before deciding Three Hills is best.

First comes baby Ruth,

then 5 year-old Sara

Two “indian”, no “first nations,” no “aboriginal” girls

-now we’re in the p.c. era.

Next comes Paul,

a fine young man,

And soon after comes Cheryl,

the final “child” for this clan.

First came the ____-in-laws,

Then 14 grandkids as well,

Officially, they’re retired

but you can’t really tell.

John & Wendy

Happy Anniversary

Still K-I-S-S-I-N-G after 43

You’ve been faithful to one another

and HE has blessed you like no other.


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