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A few things I like about PM Stephen Harper’s leadership these days

June 17, 2013

I am a proud Canadian and a solid supporter of Steven Harper, our Prime Minister. I understand this is not necessarily a popular view, yet I will confess that I continue to hold PM Harper in high regard for a few reasons.

1) He regularly acknowledges the reality of a situation and doesn’t say something (the political answer) that says nothing. Let me offer a couple recent examples, recognizing that my “quotations” are not verbatim.

*In regards to Russia providing arms to the Syrian government regime of Bashir El-Asaad, just before the G8 meetings begin. “Let’s be honest. This is the G7 plus one! We cannot try to find common ground. Russia supports the Asaad regime and the rest of us believe that is unacceptable for numerous reasons, including the fact that they are using chemical weapons on their own people. Mr Putin needs to change his view or we are not going to have any reasonable discussions about how to move forward in this conflict.” CBC Report

*In regards to the agonizing and seemingly endless saga of senators overspending: “I stood in this room two years ago and promised you transparency and integrity in financial dealings on Parliament Hill. What we are seeing is exactly the opposite and I am very upset.”

2) A leaders needs to ensure that the organization is sending out one consistent message. PM Harper has been regularly accused of being “too controlling” of Conservative MPs, and yet in the last few weeks, I think we are beginning to find out why he “should” be so clear that the party is speaking with one voice/message.

For example, in the midst of the senate spending scandal, one of his ministers accuses Liberal leader Justin Trudeau of something, because he agreed to speak at a charity event for $20,000, did so, and when the charity event lost money, Trudeau “only” returned half the the agreed to honorarium, at their request.

If PM Harper had been in Parliament I hope he would have turned around and said, “Shut up!” We as a Conservative party have no right to bash Justin Trudeau because (a) he did nothing wrong, and (b) his choice ($20,000) is a minuscule amount compared to the significant ($100,000+) financial wrongs of multiple Conservative senators (and others) right now causing us major disgrace.

3) A leader needs to communicate, even over-communicate. I am a twitter follower, and am generally impressed with the way the PM’s office uses twitter to communicate personal messages and congratulations, not merely, and in fact not often, “political” messages. Again, while there has been significant criticism about PM Harper being aloof, impersonal, uninspiring, boring, etc, the way in which he has used twitter has countered this perception.

Just a few things I like about PM Stephen Harper these days. Curious to hear your feedback and I’m open to opposing perspectives.


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