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Lou Lamoriello Won the 2013 NHL Draft

July 2, 2013

Each year after the NHL draft, the question is asked, “Who won the draft?” Usually the expected answer is either the team that drafted the best combination of future NHLers or the team that drafted some good prospects and also acquired immediate help for their roster by trading draft picks for current players. Somewhat appropriately, the general manager is named the hero of the day for his dealings, though the scouting staff are the ones who’ve done most of the work.

This year, the answer is not a team, but a general manager – and it really is the GM, not the scouting staff. New Jersey Devils CEO/President & general manager, Lou Lamoriello is the clear choice this year for three reasons. First, the team hosted the draft and by all accounts did a fine job. He was a gracious host.

Moreso, he pulled off the main story of the draft, trading the ninth overall pick to the Vancouver Canucks for goaltender Cory Schnieder. By all accounts, this trade shocked everyone, including Schnieder himself who according to TSN’s James Duthie “had not heard from Canucks GM Mike Gillis up until a minute before the trade was announced”, as TSN contacted him during the commercial break, the first time rumors had surfaced. He stunned the crowd and most of the hockey world with the announcement! With the number of reporters sniffing for rumours, its almost impossible to stun everyone with a trade and Lamoriello pulled it off! Way to go, Lou!

Finally, as if he didn’t already own the draft news, Lamoriello also pulled off the class move of the draft. In front of the hometown crowd, realizing that their franchise goaltender Martin Brodeur’s son, Anthony, also a goalie was still available, he made a quick deal with the Los Angeles Kings to acquire the 208th pick and then asked Martin to take the mic and make the selection, choosing his son as their final pick in the draft. WOW!

The New Jersey Devils have not always been a respected NHL franchise (just ask the Great One!). Today, they are a truly classy franchise because they have a skilled and thoughtful leader at the helm.


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