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Book Review: All In by Mark Batterson

July 29, 2013

ImageOnce again, pastor Mark Batterson delivers an inspiring challenge for the Christian reader to commit him/herself completely to Jesus. Using some great one-liners, challenging stories, and personal examples, Batterson encourages readers to go all in for God and go all out in whatever He calls them to be and do.

In 17 short and easy-to-read chapters, he straightforwardly and graciously shows how Jesus expects a life of complete surrender from every believer (not just a “super-spiritual” portion). With a combination of examples from Scripture, history, pastoral relationships and personal experience, Batterson weaves the biblical principles into compelling, poignant challenges.

Admittedly, there is nothing “new” or “startling” about the truths Mark Batterson expounds. The concepts discussed have been well-explained and preached over centuries of Christendom. Yet even for the reader who’s been in the evangelical subculture his whole life, Batterson presents truths with a fresh and compelling style that makes for enjoyable reading.

With the book scheduled to release in late September (24), churches should be able to purchase Batterson’s book and the accompanying study guide or video series for a youth group study, small group study, or adult education class.

This book was provided free of charge to the reviewer by Thomas Nelson publishers as part of the BookSneeze blog review program.

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