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Slow Down Challenge Day 3 – Focus

September 4, 2013

This morning I had three major tasks to accomplish:

  • send out a reminder to a non-profit group’s board members of our meeting tonight,
  • re-schedule an afternoon appointment because I need to be somewhere else at the previously arranged time, and
  • make sure all my materials are ready for the start of the Written Composition course I will be begin teaching tomorrow.

No, that is not an overly busy morning. As I blog just before 11:00 am, I am pleased to report two of the three tasks have been accomplished and appointment re-scheduling is waiting for a call back. I did not allow myself to go onto facebook or twitter until two of the three tasks were “finished” and then social media was an intentional interruption (aka “reward”) for making progress on the objectives for the day so far. In the course of accomplishing these three tasks, a couple other minor “distractions” were found, yet with today’s slow down challenge helping me to remember to FOCUS, I stuck to the task at hand before dealing with the additional yet less important tasks.

I find it helpful to build a “reward” – whether social media time, a snack, etc – into my day to help me stay focused on accomplishing my “to do list.” Thoughts?


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