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Slow Down Challenge Day 4 – Focus

September 17, 2013

Although the word “focus” was also used for Day 3’s challenge, today the word focus is used in a “negative” way, at least as I would see the term were it not for this challenge. Often the focused person sees interruptions as just that. Flight delays, long traffic lights, or that needy person who takes up more conversation than you had originally planned for are interruptions in getting my productive work completed. Yet the Slow Down Challenge for Day 4 is to view those “interruptions” as divine opportunities to be a blessing.

My personality/temperament is task-oriented and driven and so this day’s challenge was difficult. Yet as I drove the wheelchair to the office and saw someone, I made an effort to slow down, say hi, and ask “How’s your day going” and then actually listen for the answer. Some people kept walking/biking with an equally efficient greeting, “Good. Yours?” while a couple others stopped and chatted. One person who has been struggling for a few weeks with depression stopped and “gushed” for about 10 minutes about how the Lord was lifting his depression and allowing him to share the experience with others to testify of God’s forgiveness, grace and blessing. I actually had a hard time believing this was really the “same person.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so energized! No, it wasn’t because I stopped to talk to him, but if I hadn’t stopped and showed more than polite interest, I never would have received this blessing.

I know there have been other times in my life where I have been challenged to stop and focus on people and even in my new work assignment, I can see how this habit of focus is increasingly important for my growth as a man, husband and father, and leader.

Jeff Goins says, “The legacy of your life will not be judged by how many emails you responded to or how well you maximized your lunch break. It will be measured, I believe, by how interruptible you were.”


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  1. That last line brought tears to my eyes…. I’m too focused and see “work” first and not blessings I know this….. thanks for this post!

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