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Who puts vegetables in desserts?

September 20, 2013

Note: I realize this is more of a “rant” than a blog post… but its a Friday afternoon and I just had to vent on this question: Why do people insist on putting vegetables in sweet food/desserts?

Banana bread – good! Apple crisp – nice! Peach cobbler – not my favorite, but I know it can be a nice dessert! But zucchini loaf? carrot cake? Why on earth would any human being put vegetables into a sweet/snack?

The simple reason: to see if they can “sneak” it past you! If someone tells you they’ve baked a nice cake and its even got a rich cream cheese icing, of course you are going to eat sounds tasty for your sweet tooth! And if someone says they’ve prepared a nice snack for you, something like banana bread, with chocolate chips, but a substitute for the banana, it sounds like its worth a try! As you can almost taste the sweetness as you lick your chops, they know they’ll be able to sneak the vegetable past you!

Note: I write this as a man who thoroughly loves his wife and appreciates as much as humanly possible that God has blessed him with such an incredible life partner! Yet even she makes these snacks/desserts sometimes!


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