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Call me suspicious…

September 25, 2013

I have seen the ministry’s event newsletter each year and generally appreciate receiving their mailings. So when their brochure came in the mail in the late fall, I expected to read about their upcoming event in the new year. Colorful pictures adorned the newsletter from the 2013 event with news about the ministry’s expansion of their “Canadian event” into countries around the globe inside. On the back page was the headline “An Important Announcement from the Board of Directors” with a banner underneath promoting the annual event for 2015.

Hang on… if this is 2013, then next year’s event should be 2014. But it says 2015…? Maybe I better read the content of the “important announcement.” I did and now I think I understand… well, at least the suspicious, read-between-the-lines, guy understands.

The opening sentence of the “announcement” told me something was fishy. The ministry’s founders “have led the ministry for a combined 68 years,” First, if they are retirement age (65), they have just reached it, so they must have started in utero… unless of course, you recognize they have served 34 years as a couple and thus the statement is true, though “deceptive.” Secondly, I’m not sure the actual ministry has been going for more than 20 years in its current form, though the name of the organization may have been legally registered 34 years ago.

After a couple paragraphs (over)emphasizing how the ministry has always sought to listen to God’s voice, the board announces that “God is calling us to take a one-year pause from “[Event] Canada 2014.” Again, the rest of the article is followed by more gracious thanks for all the superb big-name evangelical speakers they have recently enjoyed hearing from and affirming that they hope to still have those kind of keynote speakers in the years to come.

Again, call me suspicious but… I think the ministry’s founders are not willing to move out and let someone else take the reigns. The board has tried to encourage them to pass the baton, then patiently pushed, and finally has announced “its over.” In other words, we are not going to have the event next year and you are going to let someone else plan for 2015.

I hope I am wrong, but I’ve been involved in enough non-profit boards and worked with enough “seniors” and now “baby boomers” who do not know how to pass on their wisdom graciously  to the next generation of leadership or how to let go of “their ministry.”



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  1. It can be hard to let go when you have invested so much of your heart and soul into a ministry or position. But the reality is that we are not promised positions of any sort of this world and so if God says its time to move then to stay put places us and our ministry in a spiritual peril that is beyond complete comprehension.

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