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Writing Principles for Life

January 8, 2014

Last semester I once again had the privilege of teaching an introductory writing course for students in the licensed practical nurse program at Prairie Bible Institute. As I neared the end of the course, I realized a significant number of principles important to writing well are parallel to those for living well. So, with a new commitment to posting at least one blog entry each week this year (we’ll see how well that goes), I am starting the year with a series of “Writing Principles for Life.”

The first principle: the way to become a better writer is simply to write, write, and write some more! (Hence they had regular writing assignments to submit and did a variety of in-class exercises too!) Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. The proof-reading can come later. Just start writing!

Notwithstanding the possibilities of abusing this principle, the same is true in life. The Law of Inertia states that an object in motion is easier to move than an object at rest. Likewise, it is easier for a person in motion, to progress another step on their life journey or even to change directions, if they are already moving, rather than sitting/standing still, doing nothing. To improve in life, move, change, do something…

Watch what doors open next and what opportunities come your way that you may have never imagined.

(c) 2014 Steven C. Ibbotson


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