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Book Review Static Jedi by Eric Samuel Timm

January 14, 2014

Eric Samuel Timm correctly contends that most Christians have so much noise in their lives that they cannot hear and follow Jesus closely as they desire. Much of the noise is self-induced or unintentionally adopted, though some is willfully invited. Timm’s challenges the reader to be honest about the noise in their lives, its affect on their soul, and then presents five practices to enable the believer to follow the Master closely, living outside of the noise.

On the one hand, the author is convincing – its not a difficult argument to demonstrate in the 21st century – and the semi-regular twitter birds complete with hashtags in the middle of the reading – make it ironically obvious! Likewise, his suggested five keys are demonstrated to have been meaningful for generations of Christians and are theologically sound (Rise Early, Withdraw to Draw Near to God, Know God’s Word, Fasting, Choose to Create Disciples). His communication style in and beyond this book may effectively connect to the Millennials and other younger Christians in a way that is meaningful (I’m not sure as I’m older than that demographic). While there is nothing particularly new or insightful about his strategies for intimacy with God, they are solid and commendable.

Though challenging, there were some deficiencies in the book. I didn’t mind some of Timm’s honest/sarcastic/bracketed comments in some places. For example (p. 58) “When you read God’s Word, do you ever feel as if you are reading the dictionary? Just reading a river of words inked on paper? I know I have.”  Yet there were times when his bracketed comments were so extended that you lost the point he started to make. In addition to a couple minor spelling mistakes (a book without a recognized publisher?), some of the arguments presented as Biblical had some “easy” refutations (ie Jesus could do that on earth because He was also fully God) and others lacked proper logic.

While I would not recommend the book, I was glad to receive a free copy of this book for review purposes and would be interested to hear him speak publicly as he seems like a challenging and able communicator.

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