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I remember 22 years ago today

February 18, 2014

I remember 22 years ago today. My older brother, Paul, and I were commuting back and forth to Calgary from Three Hills as I completed my last semester at the University of Calgary and he worked as a mechanic in the city. His wife was expecting any day and as we left town in the morning I remember thinking this might be the day. We had a plan arranged where he would call the Disabled Student Services Center (DSSC) and leave a message and I would get my friend to pick me up and take me to the Calgary bus depot to get back to Three Hills.

After my 11:00 am class as I walked through McKinnie Hall and saw people crowded around televisions to watch Canada defeat Germany 4-3 in an Olympic hockey game that was much closer than everyone thought it should have been. When I arrived at the DSSC, I was given a message and so I called my friend and we arranged for him to pick me up after my 2:00 class and take me to the bus depot. (This was before the days of everyone-owns-a-cell-phone or text messages).

I remember on the bus ride home wondering if it would be a boy or girl, what his/her name would be, and making some guesses. Somehow my mother had guessed the initals for this child would be TJ and so I tried to put together various name combinations. Trevor Kidd was the Calgary Flames #1 draft choice from June 1991 and was the backup goaltender on Team Canada, having earned a shutout against Norway (I think) just a few days before. So I wondered about that name as well as Thomas, though probably not Timothy since that was my younger brother’s name.

My questions were answered soon after my parents picked me up at the bus depot and said we were heading straight to the hospital to see Trevor John Ibbotson who was born just over half an hour ago… he arrived before M*A*S*H (which aired at 6:30 pm every night), much to his father’s delight!

He was the first grandchild on our side of the family (my first nephew/niece) and so he was treated well! Its hard to believe its been 22 years and yet it is such a privilege to call this fine young man, ny nephew! Happy birthday Trev!


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