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How I “got” such a beautiful family?

May 21, 2014

This afternoon at 3:00 pm after Sarah went to pick up Caleb from kindergarten, I checked facebook and updated our profile picture. It is now just after 8:00 pm and already 115 people have liked the picture and many have left the comment “What a beautiful family.” I am a bit surprised at the number of “likes” it has received and agree the comment is true, though even I, not known for my humility, and embarassed. I was about to put some snarky comment about “If you want a beautiful family like this, then…” but quickly realized that there are so many reasons, it really wouldn’t fit a tweet or be too long for a facebook status update. So…

If you want to have a beautiful family like mine…

1. Get a great photographer on short notice… the story behind this picture is that we got all the children dressed up for our homestay students’ graduation and we were ready 30 minutes early. We really didn’t know what to do. I said to Sarah, “Do I dare text Tiffany (my niece) and see if she can run over and take a family picture?” Sarah said to go for it and sure enough Tiffany was not doing anything on a Saturday afternoon of a long weekend so came over within 5 minutes and we sat on the neighbours back yard swing and… voila! Check out Pure Bliss Spa (Three Hills) on facebook if you want contact info for my amazing niece.

2. Be patient – for many years, I was a single guy with no prospects, even though I was well-educated and didn’t have too many “issues” (other than medical). I realize I’m not tall, dark and handsome (okay, maybe 1 out of 3). However, as many times as I tried to talk to the Lord about a wife and family, He seemed to just keep saying “wait” or “trust me.” Oh, I’m so glad I waited for the woman of God’s choosing for me and did not settle.

3. Be intentional about building into your children’s lives – I learn by reading and I’ve worked in both a college and a K-12 context so I am fairly focused on learning, and as the Lord has blessed us with children, I’ve tried to make one of my reading foci “parenting” – whether in general terms or specifically about raising boys or girls. As I tell my children often, “I must be a pretty smart guy to have picked the world’s most amazing mother for you.” It truly is a blessing to partner with my wife in raising these children for God’s purposes.

And last but not least (in fact the most important)

4. Make Christ the center of your home – Sarah and I try to do this in various ways each day, and more days than I care to admit, I lie down in bed and say, “Well, we survived another day, dear!” We are certainly learning many things about marriage and parenting as we go, yet because Christ is the center of each of our lives personally and we are seeking to make Him the center of our family’s life, He has truly blessed us with a beautiful family.

Thanks again for all your kind comments and may the Lord bless each of you as you seek to be a family that magnifies Christ too!


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  1. Haha, I know the “survived another one” feeling all too well. I figure God gives us those days and that feeling to keep us leaning on Him.

  2. dutchlass permalink

    Well said Steve. I think thats what people mean when they say “beautiful”… whatever the Lord makes is beautiful amd good. People see that – even though pictures can too often deceive, I’ll wager most of those “115 likes” know at least one of you personally and can attest that what shows in the picture is a wellspring of the heart.

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