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Proud of our Prime Minister

July 28, 2014

Although he will not win political correctness points, and may put winning the next election in (further) jeopardy, Stephen Harper is a Prime Minister the Canadian people should be proud of, especially in courageously standing for what is right.

First, he has staunchly supported Israel in the ongoing battle in Gaza against the Hamas terrorist organization. Yes, if most of the world would recognize the details of the above sentence as PM Harper does, it likely help us think accurately about the fight. This is not a battle between two nations or people groups (Israel vs Palestine). No, this is a battle between one nation/people and one terrorist group who has overrun a country.

Secondly, our Prime Minister continues to call out Russian leader Vladimir Putin for his support and provision of supplies for the rebels in Ukraine. He has consistently applied further sanctions against Putin and seems to have challenged other world leaders to do the same.

Keep working for what is good and right, Mr Harper. Continue to use your position of leadership and influence.


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