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I do not blog everyday… you are welcome!

August 6, 2014

In case you haven’t noticed, I do not blog every day! Since you should be saying, “thank you” – for at least two reasons – I will politely offer my “you’re welcome.”

First, you are probably saying, “thank you” because you don’t have to check on this blog like you may 5-10 others that you check in with daily to see if there is anything important happening in the world that you are uninformed about. I have a handful blogs that I check regularly (not daily!) and appreciate the bloggers faithfulness to keeping me posted on topics of interest on the world wide web. But I have not chosen to make use of my time that way, and trust that you have found sites that help you keep updated on areas of interest for you.

Secondly, you are probably saying, “thank you” because I don’t have that much to say… at least not that is beneficial for public consumption. Yes, I could comment on almost every issue – from trends in Christianity to local news events to the best/worst sports team/player. But my random opinions dressed up as “blog content”(using the word content VERY loosely) are hardly of interest and certainly not beneficial to anyone! Sometimes my dear wife graciously listens to my “thoughts” (again using that word loosely sometimes) on a topic; informing, balancing, and once in a while agreeing with me. But rarely does she say, “Honey, that’s so brilliant, you better make sure everyone knows [that piece of information] by putting something on your blog, our facebook, and tweeting about it.” (Come to think of it, I don’t think she’s said that once yet!)

When I have something somewhat insightful to share, I’ll do so on my blog. Yet any good writing (ie helpful, informed, thoughtful, etc) should demonstrate a measure of reasoning and sound judgement, not just random words dribbling out of someone’s fingertips… especially because they must blog every day.


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