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Book Review – Killing Lions by John and Sam Eldredge

September 26, 2014

killing lions bk coverKilling Lions is not only a unique book, it should be required reading for all men, regardless of their age or life stage. As a twenty-something, Sam Eldredge discusses his struggles as a young man making significant life decisions – faith, career, life partner, etc. He shares his heart and asks questions. His father, John Eldredge, then discusses the particular challenge, his experience and the principles he’s learned along the journey, with sound biblical advice. The dialogue is both enjoyable to read, especially for its honesty, as well as faith-stimulating.

The Eldredges review decisions like college, career, friendships, spouse, and moving (geographically), but also interact on the temptations a young man faces with each decision. While clearly not detached from the specifics of his son’s life, the advice John offers to Sam does not come across as situation specific and thus provides a template for a father to discuss with his son. Likewise, there are places where both John and Sam acknowledge other value of  “father figures” input into their lives and so pastors, college instructors and other adult males would benefit from this book.

While the advice throughout is consistent with an evangelical Christian worldview, there is little in the way of “chapter & verse” explanation. For some, this may be problematic though I feel it contributes to an authentic discussion, recognizing that both father and son hold to Scriptural truth and principles.

I highly recommend this book… I cannot stop thinking of “empty nest” dads who I want to order a copy of Killing Lions.

Note: The publisher (Thomas Nelson) has provided the reviewer with a complimentary copy of this book through BookLook Bloggers.


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  1. Should be mandatory reading for Christian males over the age of 15. I just completed the book and the authors do a wonderful job of sharing details to manhood; particularly the theme of initiation into manhood into this book.

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