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My Thankful for list for 2014

December 23, 2014

I realize some people have itemized one thing each day of the year they are thankful for. Good for you. Others have chosen to do a Top 10, 25, 100 list of things they are thankful for on a special occasion – birthday, thanksgiving, etc. However, I have simply chosen to simply post a number of things I am grateful to God for today as we prepare for Christmas and the end of 2014. I don’t have a set number in mind and will just see how long this post becomes… and it will not be an exhaustive list (aka I know I’ll think of a number of things tomorrow and the next day that could have been included too!). Nonetheless, the ones that come to mind first are likely the most important so…

  • Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ
  • An amazing wife who is an incredible mother to our three children. (I could go on for hours talking about how amazing she is but I’ll spare you all the wonderful details).
  • Three healthy children (though there are days there “healthiness” is just simply exhausting), especially to this old and not-fully-able-bodied father.
  • A kind and generous employer who God has allowed me to use my organizational/administrative gifts to serve.
  • The opportunities to teach & preach His Word and Truth in various contexts.
  • Three international students God has blessed our family’s lives with… and who are all here for Christmas this year!
  • Amazing couples that we can share faith, family, and life with.. the men are friends, the women are friends, and the couples are friends… and the kids all have a ton of fun together too!
  • The many unexpected financial gifts throughout the year that have come from an array of sources.
  • Hockey – the Calgary Flames, the Three Hills Thrashers, and even the Edmonton Oilers.
  • The superb school our children attend and their excellent teachers.
  • The fact that we have both sent of grandparents in town for us and our children.
  • “Random” events/appointments that you can look back and see God arranged.
  • Our warm and spacious house that provides the context for much of this to being.
  • The opportunity to read & review books, academically and for personal growth (meaning I don’t spend money on books!)
  • The ability to keep in touch with extended family and friends through facebook and other technology. Its truly amazing the world we live in.
  • Our province of Alberta and our country of Canada. Many of our “stresses” in life are such first-world problems they are embarrasingly “pathetic” in comparison to the rest of the world.
  • The opportunities to use some of my leadership experiences and education to serve on various boards
  • and so much more…

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