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First blog of the New Year

January 12, 2015

It is almost the middle of January and this is my first post on the blog. I could offer many lame excuses but… they would be just that. So, though I don’t expect you to be interested, here is what’s going on in my life which gives some explanation for the lack of blogging:

1) Local church related matters – Ironically, I will be speaking this Sunday on the second of the 5 Priorities for 2015 that we as elders have set forth this year, a year we start the year without a full-time pastor. My theme this week will be God-centered Priorities, though I also helped introduce the topic on January 4. As well, our congregation has their annual meeting in late February and so I am on a couple sub-committees trying to get work done in preparation.

2) Family visits – While the children went back to school on January 5 and so we started into a routine, Sarah’s sister is here until later this week visiting with her three boys from Tulsa, OK so we are still having some extra family visiting times… again, a good thing but it doesn’t help you get back into routine. Combine this with some cough/flu bug going around with our kiddos and we are still “recovering” from Christmas break and all the excitement.

3) College class – I am grateful and excited to be teaching a class this semester at Prairie Colleges. I have the privilege of serving ten students in BU 110 Intro to Management. Fortunately this is my second time teaching the course but it is one more thing to throw into the mix.

4) Alberta Winter – though this week is supposed to warm up (ie above zero degrees Celsius each weekday), the first full week was cold and that always messes with my schedule and thus, our whole family’s schedule in terms of work, travel to and from places, etc. I have also not been feeling 100% health wise either.

Lest you fear I have lost all sense of my “normal self” I completed my year end review of 2014 and have written my goals for 2015 and started faithfully working at them.


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