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How much money should I give to God?

January 19, 2015

This post is part of a larger series series answering questions related to God-centered priorities (a topic I was privileged to speak on recently at the Prairie Tabernacle Congregation). I would contend there are two main ways a person can truly assess their priorities in life: by looking at their bank account and their daily schedule.

money pailThus the answer to the question “How much money should I give to God?” – whether to a local church, to reputable agencies doing faith-based work in other parts of the world (aka missions), or through various national or international non-profit organizations – is important and indicative of a person’s priorities. In Canada, we are privileged to be “rewarded” for this kindness by also receiving a tax-benefit for doing so.

The Bible makes it very clear that the first portion of our income should be given back to God. The principle of having a portion given back to God first is clear, though it may be more than 10%.While in the Old Testament, it specified a tithe of 10%, this is at least a minimum expectation as one studies the New Testament.  Often the NT refers to tithes and offerings seeming to indicate a contribution beyond the 10%. The only other NT principle commonly expressed is that God loves the gift that comes from a cheerful, willing heart, not one that gives a specified amount because s/he must do so.

More important than the amount or percentage we give, a top priority each pay period should be giving back to God the first portion of what He has provided for us. Again in this technological age, it is easier than ever… and there is really no excuse for the follower of Jesus. Whether it is to God’s work through a local congregation or to financially support individuals you know and love serving the cause of the Gospel around the world, all banks today allow us to do Automatic Direct Deposits on the first (or fifteenth) day of the month to whatever mission or church organization we wish. Of course many non-profit organizations also provide the ability to make donations online, either at their website, through PayPal or other methods. If you are concerned that your bank account may not reflect the principle of seek first the kingdom of God, get some direct deposits set up. It’s an easy way to practically live out the principle of giving back to God the first of our resources.

For a related article, see Tim Challies website.


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