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Leadership Frustrations

February 9, 2015

What frustrates you as a leader?

I’m not asking what challenges you face as a leader, perhaps even repeatedly – unexpected expenses, disappointing sales reports, or misplaced or ineffective personnel. I’m asking about those things that drive you nuts and make you want to scream… except that you are usually too appropriate to do so.

1) Failure to read/listen – I realize it is the leader’s job to overcommunicate the message. Yet when the leader does his/her best to say something verbally, in print, sends it out via email for anyone who may not have been able to be present at the meeting, or places on the website for all to see, its a little annoying when employee/stakeholder asks for information that has been communicated to them (ie they were at the meeting and read the email) in multiple ways.

2) Being the “complaint box” – Person A does not have an issue with you, they just want you to know that Person B is a problem because… When you ask Person A if they have talked to Person B, they look at you as if you have just suggested they go interview the devil. You try to think the best about their failure to talk to Person B and ask if they have expressed their concern with Person B’s supervisor? Again, you get a look that says, “What planet do you think I live on? Why would I go to the person or to their supervisor when I can come right to you? After all, you’re in charge.” Doing everything you can to not explode and give them a piece of your mind you may not be able to spare, you kindly suggest they take those steps first and remind them gently that you are not the “complaint box” for the organization.

There’s a couple frustrations that have been bugging me recently. Share what frustrates you as a leader in the comment section and help us all grow together.




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