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The Necessity of the Holy Spirit’s Guidance

March 30, 2015

When one reads in John 16:12-15 the Holy Spirit will “guide you into all truth,” this is not particularly complimentary to the believer. The word used for “guide” indicates guiding or directing someone who is at best inexperienced, a novice, really someone who is ignorant. Not ignorant in the rude sense, but ignorant in the sense of knowing nothing. In the Gospels, this word is used either as a verb to describe “the blind guiding the blind” (Matthew 15:14 & Luke 6:39) or as a noun, when Jesus warns regarding the the Pharisees (Matthew 16) saying, “Woe to you, blind guides.” When the Holy Spirit promises to guide us into all truth, it is very welcome news… because we are truly helpless and lost on our own.

In Acts 8, the Ethiopian eunuch asks the question, “How can I understand this passage I am reading from Isaiah, unless someone “guides” me?” All of us – from the not-yet-a-child-of-God to the mature believer who has studied and even taught the Bible for years – like the Ethiopian eunuch, NEED the Holy Spirit’s guidance if we are to understand God, His Word, and the Truth of the Gospel message. In short, the Holy Spirit’s guidance is necessary! As Dr Yaw Perbi (president of International Student Ministries Canada) shared with our church a few weeks ago, if we approach God’s Word without asking His Holy Spirit to guide us into all Truth, we are at least careless and at worst, entering dangerous territory.

This post is the first in a series on the Holy Spirit’s guidance, taken from a sermon preached at Prairie Tabernacle Congregation on March 29, 2015.

This post is the first in a four part series on the ministry of the Holy Spirit in guiding the believer. For the full sermon please visit the Prairie Tab website.


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