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Book Review: Unshockable Love by John Burke

April 8, 2015

unshockable love coverAlthough I received this book in January from Graf-Martin Communications for blog review purposes, I have not completed reading it… and thus am horrifically tardy in reviewing it. Nonetheless, as I near completion, I must say it is because the book is so convicting, so compelling, and so stimulating! (Not for any of the bad reasons for not finishing)

Burke is a masterful story-teller… and he has incredible stories to tell about people who have received the incredible grace of Jesus through the people associated with Gateway Church in Austin, Texas. Yet the pastor’s riveting stories also expose the unChrist-like attitudes of many evangelicals towards “those” people, whoever they may be, who falsely expect those untouched by Jesus love to measure up to a prescribed, unwritten standard of “righteousness.” Chapters like “Restoring Value” (ch. 3) and “Calling out the Masterpiece” (ch. 4) illustrate powerfully how a community of believers who really listen to a person’s journey enables them to understand the person so they can minister, in word and deed, the needed grace and truth of Christ to an individual.

I highly recommend this book, especially for a person who has been raised in the evangelical sub-culture. It is humbling to realize the “vibe” Christians give off, often unknowingly, to those we desperately want to see come to Jesus.


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