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Danielle Smith may have been right!

May 7, 2015

Danielle SmithBefore you start shooting… read for just a minute.

I am not suggesting that when Danielle Smith and eight other Wildrose MLA’s crossed the floor six months ago (Dec 17, 2014) to join the Progressive Conservatives in the Alberta legislature they were right individually or as representatives of their constituencies. However, Danielle Smith was saying Alberta’s “conservative” or “right-of-centre” voters need to stand united because they agree on a majority of issues. Otherwise…

You will get a majority NDP government! Voila… that is what Alberta voted for (sort of, mildly) on May 5, 2015. Most Albertans are still asking, “How did this happen?”

Yet a quick scan of the polls shows that Danielle Smith was correct. The NDP won the Greater Edmonton area (23 seats) and Lethbridge (2 seats). However, in the other 26 ridings the NDP won except one (Calgary Fort), the combined “conservative” vote of PCs and the Wildrose would have easily won the riding. Together, the “conservative” vote would have won seats 56 seats (25+21+10), the NDP 27 seats, with one seat each for the Alberta Party and Liberals.

In total, the NDP won a majority of seats with 41% of the vote, and over half of that from Edmonton and area. The PCs had 28% of the popular vote and the Wildrose Party had 24%, and yet they together, they do not have enough seats in Alberta’s legislature to stop any of the majority governments objectives and policies.

Perhaps those of us who have a right-of-centre perspective on politics and life should be a little more open to working together with similar minded people and a little clearer on who we truly cannot agree with on the big issues so we do not turn watch the adversary walk in between us to victory!


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