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In Praise of Plodders

June 27, 2015

I am surrounded by “plodders” in my life… so you would think my appreciation school bus driver for their value in a family, business, or non-profit organization would have been a foregone conclusion. Yet not only have I failed to say so, I’m not sure I have genuinely appreciated the “plodders” in my life. I am so sorry!

First let me tell you what I define as a “plodder.” Obvious character traits like faithful, reliable, hard-working seem to come naturally, and yet even more amazing they expect no celebration, appreciation or even acknowledgement. In fact, they are often quite embarrassed, even upset if you do publicly express such affirmation (though it is still right to do so!). Its not a false humility – at least not in the true “plodders” – but a genuine sense that they would do the behind-the-scenes jobs they have agreed to do happily simply because the garbage man picdid a job well.

Some of them are manual labourers who work by the sweat of their brow everyday in physical demanding jobs. Others are office workers are various skill sets who do fulfill their role, interacting with a few or many people in a support role in their company. Yet regardless of their personal visibility or the projects’ or how dirty they get or what type of material they work with, they receive incredible intrinsic satisfaction from performing their task faithfully and well.

While I can do behind-the-scenes work, organizing a project of workers, doing a spreadsheet or schedule and connecting with people to make sure they all get to the right place at the right time with the right equipment, that is not truly what excites and motivates me. I can plod… but I am not a “plodder.” A “plodder” usually does this type of work all the time in wherever they are in an organization.

So as a school year comes to an end I want to acknowledge the true plodders who have invested in the lives of boys and girls, men and women across our country (and around the world) who faithfully do all kinds of “background” work and show us a small glimpse of our Always Faithful God. Please know you will receive your reward when the Father says, “Well done, my good and faithful plodder.”


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