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Cash Only = death?

July 28, 2015

Our family just returned from a nice vacation in British Columbia visiting family & friends. On the way back, we stopped at Dutchmen’s Dairy and enjoyed their amazing ice cream. However, because they only take cash, my wife had to use the easily accessible machine near the entrance in order for us to be able to enjoy a treat (and pay the additional service fee). The growing trend of people not carrying cash and simply using debit or credit card was already on my mind because of a challenging blog post by Carey Nieuwhof.Cdn 20 dollar bill

While the Dutchmen`s Dairy has a great reputation within their area, and perhaps further into the western provinces (and states), I wonder how long they will continue as cash only before they cease attracting newcomers because people do not come prepared with cash – or because they note the cash only stipulation in online trip planning. While you appreciate the desire to stay rooted to the simple aspects of life and working hard on a farm and enjoying the fruit (or milk) of your labour, there is a point where remaining a viable enterprise will require accepting the technological transitions of the 21st century.


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  1. Scott Gillespie permalink


    Dutchman’s Dairy is a great place – busy too. Have stopped in a couple of times for their great ice cream; they also sell some great salt water taffy. I still keep a little cash on me for the little things, like ice cream. Yes, cash only is getting rarer these days and Dutchman’s, like Pete’s Drive In here in Calgary, will need to add debit and/or credit sooner or later to maintain or increase their business, although, at this point, not having it doesn’t seem to keep much business away.

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