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Thanksgiving 2015: I am thankful for…

October 10, 2015

It is Canadian Thanksgiving and so I am compelled to share my list of “I am thankful for…”

  • The life given to me by God.
  • Eternal life provided for me when I believed in the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ as the only acceptable sacrifice for my sin.
  • Sarah, the incredible wife God has blessed me with. She gets more amazing and beautiful every day!
  • Our three wonderful children, Caleb, Rachel & Anna.
  • A house for our family to live in that becomes a home of love and care because of Sarah’s amazing gifts as well as a place of welcome for guests, as well as our special “daughters” (homestay students).
  • My loving parents, John & Wendy Ibbotson, who have modelled love, faith and trusting in Christ for 45+ years.
  • My parents-in-law, Marlowe & Dorothy Hunt, are also pretty great at those three areas, and just celebrated their 40th anniversary a few months ago. (Did I mention the sensational daughter they raised?)
  • My brothers and sisters (and in-laws) and their families.
  • Many dear friends God has blessed me with over the course of my life (If I start to name them I run the danger of excluding and offending many more!).
  • The cardiologists God has provided for me and my family: Dr Ichikawa (in Toronto), Dr Robert Sommerville & Dr Timothy Prieur, as well as other wonderful family doctors such like Dr Uptigrove and Dr Martin Reedyk.
  • Pastors that have significantly influenced my life such as Dr Ted S. Rendall, Tim Strickland, and Stan King (as with friends, I run a risk naming some and not others but…)
  • Various organizations where I have been able to use the gifts & talents God has blessed me with to bring glory to His Name (I trust): Prairie Colleges, Prairie Tabernacle Congregation, Prairie Christian Academy, ACTION International Ministries Canada, Three Hills Capital, Three Hills Thrashers, and others.
  • Our daily bread… even though I have been partially employed for over two years, God has continued to provide more than enough for us, even by North American standards (embarassingly filthy rich compared to 95% of the world).
    My current employer, Don MacDonald, has been so kind and generous to me in the past two years
  • I could go on for pages….

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