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Tour the World… in your own home

November 26, 2015

This Christmas season, would you & your family be willing to take a tour to another part of the world… without even leaving your own home?

This afternoon I picked up Dr Yaw Perbi’s new book Thinking Outside the Window (Xulon, 2015). I look forward to posting a book review in the near future. Nonetheless, as I talked with Dr Perbi, I was reminded again that every one of us can experience a new part of the world this year by simply inviting an international student or family into our home during Christmas celebrations. At a time of year when some people cannot be with their loved ones, invite them to join your family.

globe kids picOver the past few years, our family has been privileged to host an international student for the academic school year. HT came to our home from Hong Kong in the fall of 2011 to begin grade 10. She lived in our home for 3 years, graduating from high school in May 2014, before heading off to UBC. We are excited she will be coming “home” for Christmas again this year!

Last year, we were privileged to have BS and AK stay in our homes over the school year. BS is a Canadian who has grown up in Hong Kong and AK came from Japan. We are glad BS is again living with us this year and will miss AK at our Christmas celebrations.

Why not have your children experience another part of the world this Christmas by inviting a student/family from outside North America to be part of your family celebrations? Or if you really want your children to learn about other cultures, have them stay in your home for a school year.


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