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Book Review – Thinking Outside the Window by Yaw Perbi

December 8, 2015

If one has heard Dr Yaw Perbi speak, his enthusiastic voice comes through loud and clear in this book on the changing face of missions. Thinking Outside the Window (Xulon, 2015) challenges the reader with Dr Perbi’s personal story of coming from Ghana to Quebec, Canada to pastor a Chinese congregation. With this background and a plethora of interesting stories, Dr Perbi walks through the incredible opportunity Canadians have to impact the world through serving international students.

Thinking Outside Window.jpgIf you have not heard Dr Perbi speak, the book will be an awkward read, I think. His humour that comes through clearly in speaking, also connects in written form, but it may seem unclear, even confusing. Though he does come back to the key points at the conclusion 0f tangential stories, they are frequent. He includes good theology throughout, though again it often is contained within other narratives.

I recommend you buy the book, but would even more strongly encourage you to hear him speak if you have the chance.


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