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Ah… parenting!

December 11, 2015

As you may know, my wife and I have been blessed with three children: a 7 year old son and two daughters age 3 & 5 (almost 4 & 6). Over the past few days…

After an elderly lady dropped all her money, cash and coins, in the grocery store, our dear 3 year old quickly helped collect the money and give it back to her. The kind lady gave her some of the change as a thank you. She came home and placed some of the money in our “Non-profit Org Coin Can” that helps provide children in a far away country get basic nutritional needs.

The same “angel” would not stop clapping during the singing of various songs at high school Christmas concert we attended later as a family. I asked her to stop, then my wife asked her to stop, then I grabbed her hands and stopped her with a warning, and then she was called over to sit with her mother who held her hands so she would stop.

After returning from a concert with a fresh few centimetres of snow covering the front steps and sidewalk, our seven year old spent a few minutes shovelling the snow. (Yes, we knew the energy burning after sitting for an hour would be beneficial).

He then proceeded to come inside and have to be told twice to get his pajamas on, three times to sit and have his bedtime snack, a couple times to brush his teeth, etc.

Upon arriving home after singing and dancing so joyfully and excitedly at her school Christmas program (unlike her brother who helped her sing all the words during the supper hour while we tried to hurry them eating their food so we could get to the concert!), our little performer was done… getting her clothes off and pajamas on, having snack, brushing teeth and using the washroom, doing the Christmas calendar… it was all a reason for `whining` and sorrow. (I am left wondering why we even try to keep a bedtime routine)

Just a sampling of the everyday experience of parenting…

For every amazing moment that makes one think “I must be a good parent” there are just as many times (if not more) when you are frustrated and at a loss for what else to do to encourage your precious children. However, finding that balance is necessary: being able to see and celebrate the moments of good and to continue to trust God for wisdom in parenting consistently through the challenges. Ultimately, our goal is not to have “good children” but wholesome, Christ-following adults.


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  1. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 Andrea

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