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Book Review – The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership by Jenni Catron

December 11, 2015

4 Dimensions LeadershipRecognizing an extraordinary leader when you see one is easy – as is recognizing a poor leader – says Jenni Catron. Her book is an exploration of how a leader becomes extraordinary – by learning to lead with his/her heart, soul, mind and strength. In the chapters that follow, Catron points out how a leader grows in each of these four skills of relational (heart), spiritual (soul), managerial (mind), and visionary (strength) leadership.

The book is well-organized. The inclusion early of a basic assessment tool to help an individual identify areas of strength and weakness from among the four skills is nice. While she quotes from a fairly wide range of sources, the book fits best for those who share a similar perspective on faith as Catron as she frequently refers to the Bible.

Unfortunately, I did not find anything “extraordinary” about the book. It was a good read, helpful and provided some beneficial reminders. Yet there was not anything new in content or perspective and Catron did not really demonstrate depth to make it significantly insightful. The book is fine and good, but that’s all. A bit ironic in light of the title.


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