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It’s good to be back

January 20, 2016

I have the incredible privilege of once again teaching college students – again at Prairie College. This time the course is Marriage & Family Life.

This is my first time teaching this type of content and while it seemed scary, almost wrong, in the days & weeks leading up to the course (“Prairie old-timers” will understand when I say that Marriage & Family Life is Norm & Vaila’s Backhouse’s course), the honour is turning into a great deal of fun, challenging and meaningful ministry.

First, I realize how old I am getting – most of these “kids” weren’t even born when I finished university. Next, I’ve realize how God has given me a front-row-seat to so many different facets of life so that I can “understand” and relate to many of the topics vital to this course… and not be too old to share and reflect upon them. Of course, I get to tell stories of Sarah and I and our kiddos too!

Finally, as I blogged about in the past, I do enjoy working with college students. The students in this class have been engaged (not in the “pre-marriage” sense of the word!) in the course material and participated so well, they are easy to teach. Discussions are lively, not necessarily always agreeable, and yet respectful and insightful, and always return to our highest authority on marriage and family life, God Himself and the Word.

Sarah has noticed more than a few times how energized I am when I return home after class. All I can say is, “Its good to be back.” Thank You, Lord!


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