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Book Review – Raising Uncommon Kids by Sami Cone

March 22, 2016

raising uncommon kidsRather than present a quick fix to a parenting issue, Sami Cone says her desire in this book is to “coach you in paying a little less attention to their behavior and spending a little more time in evaluating your own. Using the characteristics described in Colossians 3:12-17, she attempts to explain how to develop the 12 qualities identified in these verses in your children.

While the book was readable, this reader did not connect well with the author’s explanations or illustrations. The traits identified were good (they were taken right out of the Scripture passage), yet the definition of each trait and how it could be developed were poor and often disconnected. For example, a story of a family mission trip helped children learn compassion (made sense), yet a story about trying an American Ninja Warrior acrobatic, didn’t really seem to fit with gentleness, even when that trait was weakly defined. There were good “Make it Practical” lists at the end of each chapter – a variety of excellent ideas – though the items on the list did not seem to all relate to the content or theme of the chapter.

Overall, Raising Uncommon Kids does help a parent examine their attitude and actions as they raise children and includes some excellent discussion and ideas. However, the disjointedness of the material made it difficult to appreciate the good features of the book.

Note: This book was provided to the reviewer at no charge for blog review purposes.



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