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God Never Abandons You

March 31, 2016

Have you ever been abandoned?

Your father or mother may have abandoned you when they separated from your other parent. You may have been put in foster care, maybe even moved around through multiple foster families. You may have been given up for adoption as a toddler, infant or even before you were born. Your spouse may have walked away and left you (and your children) without any explanation. Even though another person(s) has rejected and abandoned you, God has NEVER abandoned you. Or you wouldn’t be reading this…

jesus crossIn fact, God has only abandoned one person… Jesus. The Bible tells us that as Jesus hung on the cross, being crucified for the sin of the world, He cried out “Father, why have you forsaken (abandoned) me?”

What a horrific – and incredible – thought! At the most terrible hour of Jesus’ earthly life, the Heavenly Father could not look on him. Theologians tell us the Father could not look upon the Son because He was taking the sin of the whole world upon Himself… and God the Father is so holy (and therefore hates sin so much) that He could not help His Son at that moment. In the most hideous (and yet wonderful for us) and mind-boggling twists of injustice, Jesus, the third member of the Trinity from before creation, was forsaken by the Father and Holy Spirit as he died on Calvary’s cross.

As Our Daily Bread said, “Christ endured the agony of the cross for us so that we would never be alone or abandoned by our God. Ever.” (March 28, 2016)

The result of Christ’s abandonment by God is that we as individuals, whether we believe in God/Jesus or not, have not been abandoned by God. While you may have a deep soul wound from being abandoned as a child, or a emotional scar from being forsaken or left out from “the group” at some point in your life, you have always been invited into God’s family. Increasingly, scientists are making us aware of how early childhood experiences, even pre-natal happenings, shape our brain and influence the firing of the synapses in astounding ways. All the experiences “hard-wiring” our brain (and soul) so that various thoughts and feelings – like rejection, abandonment, and fear of (whatever) – are part of our identity, even beyond what we are consciously aware of or express.

Yet before any of those life experiences, one truth remains: God has never left, rejected, or abandoned you. When every person has let you down and “bailed out,” God is still there, ready to help if you ask. That’s the Good News of Easter.



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