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Good desire, different pathway

April 5, 2016

At a gathering this past weekend, each person shared their greatest spiritual desire/need and greatest practical desire/need. I shared my answer to each of these questions and then listened as others responded from their life situations. I came to an interesting and not completely “encouraging” conclusion: The absence of our practical desire/need may be exactly how our spiritual desire/need is answered.

For example, my greatest practical need/desire is a full-time job in an educational context. I have been employed part-time (15 hours per week) for just over three years now for a local real estate agent. I have had some other employment for short stretches of time to complement this work, yet no full-time, permanent work since July 2013.

My greatest spiritual need/desire is for humility.

Oh…yeah… how does a PhD in Educational Leadership who has taught for 10+ years in a post-secondary setting and then worked as an administrator in a K-12 Christian school feel about working as a part-time office manager/administrative assistant for a real estate agent? Embarassed. Over qualified (though not unappreciated by my excellent employer).Humbled.

Yet if my greatest desire/need is to learn humility… Is there a better situation for me? We have never been without food or missed a payment on our mortgage. We have really only been “tight” financially once (ie went into overdraft at the bank). Our children are healthy and growing, don’t lack any necessities and have plenty of “extras” (eg. music or dance lessons, soccer, more toys than imaginable, etc.).

Laura Story (Blessings Raindrops)Yes, I hope God grants what I see as my greatest practical desire/need… the sooner, the better from my perspective. Yet I am continually learning that when I ask God to help me grow in an area of spiritual need, His way of accomplishing that goal may be much different than my desired path.

Blessings by Laura Story


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