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How deep the Father’s Love

May 23, 2016

Today, our dear 4 year old daughter is sick. She woke up just after 3:30 am and came to our bed only to vomit a few minutes later. She continued throwing up a little bit every few minutes until about 6:30 am, though my wife confessed she stopped counting after 10. It is just after 2:00 pm and she has continued to vomit a little bit, usually a few minutes after trying to drink some fluid (eg. water, ginger ale, apple juice). We know a stomach bug has been going around and it will probably only last 24 hours or so, and yet as I see my precious daughter lying exhausted on the floor, I am “desperate” as a father to do something to help her. (Obviously this is not the first time one of our children has been sick or I have felt this way)

All this serves as a reminder to me how deep the Heavenly Father’s love is for each person in the world. Last night, I was praying and asking the Lord to help our daughter stop vomiting so she (and we) could get some rest. As I lay in bed praying, I found myself convicted by the question, “What if I were praying with as much desperation for friends and loved ones to come to know Christ?” as I was for my daughter to stop throwing up.

Even more convicting is the realization the Heavenly Father’s deep desire for me, my wife, each of my children and every person in the whole world to come to know Him and love Him. Yet while my daughter didn’t do anything specific to get her bout of upset tummy, each of us has knowingly chosen to turn our back on God and walk our own way. Yet, He still weeps, longs for, and draws us back, and embraces us. How deep the Father’s love for us!


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