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Book Review -Healing the Wounded Heart by Dan Allender

May 31, 2016

Healing the Wounded Heart is a powerful book, intricately describing the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual scars of sexual abuse and the way forward for those who have been sexually abused or those helping them. This review was “requested” from the publisher by mid-May but is just being posted now (even though I have not completed reading the book) for two reasons. First, the topic is obviously not “fun reading.” Secondly, Allender so carefully attends to the multiplicity of issues arising in someone’s life who has experienced such abuse, it requires thoughtful reading.

Having heard of  Dan Allender, yet not read any of his work, I was excited at the chance to review this book for a blog review. The topic has interest to me professionally (ie teaching Marriage & Family Life) as well as for personal reasons (ie friends who have experienced various forms of sexual abuse). Allender weaves stories from his counseling experience that powerfully demonstrate the intricacies of each effect of abuse upon a person’s life. Parallel to these accounts, he strongly yet graciously calls out the mistaken responses of those unfamiliar with a person’s story and compassionately contends for patient understanding. His strong biblical background and theological framework are explained appropriately as foundations for his arguments/conclusions.

This book is a must read, especially in our increasingly sexualized and confused world. If not already, it will soon be impossible for a person to grow to adulthood without being or knowing someone who has been traumatized by the sexuality of our world. Yet God has created male and female good, and designed sexual desire and fulfillment to be a source of joy and pleasure (not fear and pain). This book not only helps deal with the pain and fear of past trauma, but also provides a means for an individual to view sexuality as God intended.

This book was provided to the author of this blog without bias in exchange for a review.
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