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If only that were true… a response to @TomWaltersCTV

June 17, 2016

I just finished watching the CTV News and was deeply saddened by the “retrospective” of the week given by Tom Walters:

tom walters ctv“Of course, hope and love are not strange things. Caring for each other is what’s normal to human nature. It’s when we are confronted by acts so contrary to our nature that some part of our own species seems unrecognizable. So now, when we are suddenly more conscious of the countless little gestures of decency and kindness all around us, perhaps its because they reassure us of who we really are.”

Walters was speaking in reflection upon the terrible murder of 49 people in Orlando last Sunday and the commemoration of the shooting deaths of 9 members of the Charleston, SC church.

I appreciate Mr Walters reflections, often quite inspiring or encouraging. Yet as I watched and listened to this solilique all I could think was, “If only that were true…”

I must disagree with Mr Walters. Our human nature is not “caring” or “kind.” In fact, at the very heart of every individual is selfishness and a willingness to do whatever I can to put myself in first place, or at least ahead of others. We are not merely animals who go by instincts, but human beings who make conscious choices, often not for charitable and decent reasons, but for selfish purposes. Even many noble deeds are done for personal benefit. If our answer for the tragedies of these week is to reassure ourselves that we as a human race are “good,” I am not comforted in the least.

I won’t go on any longer, though I am glad to explain my beliefs in more detail if you wish. Simply put, I trust we an all look deep inside ourselves and realize our true heart, and then turn our focus to a Source outside of ourselves who can give us a new nature, one that provides a true answer to our human depravity and offers true salvation.




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  1. Luke Savage permalink

    Your comments are all the more true considering the euthanasia law was just passed by Senate and given royal assent by the Governor General. Because of the selfishness of a few we have given approval for (almost) all to have someone kill them. The “good” human nature Watson references will now eliminate those who are no good.

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