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Movie Review – God’s Not Dead 2

August 13, 2016

Gods Not Dead 2 coverAfter being intrigued by the original God`s Not Dead movie, yet disappointed in the sudden and uncreative resolution to the tension, I was nervous to watch and review God`s Not Dead 2.

High school history teacher Grace Wesley’s (Melissa Joan Hart) response to a student’s (Hayley Orrantia) question about Jesus lands her in big trouble, leading to an epic court case that the student’s parents believe should cost Wesley the career she loves, and decide once for all that any talk of faith should be expunged from the classroom and the public square. Unlike the original, the sequel did not disappoint.

Each character played well, from the arrogant counsel for the plaintiff (Pete Kane) to the inexperienced yet thoughtful lawyer (John Metcalfe) for the defendant. Keeping my attention throughout, the movie presented the increasing dilemma of a Christian`s ability to speak in the public square without going over the top in fear-mongering. With cameos by Lee Strobel (author of The Case for Christ) and Jim Warner Wallace (author of Cold Case Christianity), God’s Not Dead 2 offered a compelling argument for an individual being able to speak of their faith as a constitutional right. The fact that a few story lines and characters from the first movie continued through into this sequel was also beneficial.

I would highly recommend the movie to any person of faith, not just Christians, concerned about the freedom of religious expression. The writers do a commendable job demonstrating the real issues being challenged in Western contexts in the 21st century and contrasting them to other global realities relating to faith.

Movie has been provided courtesy of Sony Home Entertainment Canada and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

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