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Lack of Evidence is not the Problem

August 18, 2016

After having the privilege of reviewing the movie God’s Not Dead 2, I was struck one vital parallel between the two movies that was not explored in the sequel. Both “antagonists” – those portrayed as attacking Christianity – experienced deep personal tragedy. Those this was explored very basically in the original God’s Not Dead movie when philosophy professor Jeffrey Radisson (Kevin Sorbo) explained the reason he did not, or could not, believe in a Supreme Deity. The passing of Brooke Thawley’s (Hayley Orrantia) brother – and obviously her parent’s only son – is superficially noted in the sequel. Yet I would contend, this sudden human tragedy is a significant factor, not only in Brooke’s spiritual seeking, but her parents’ anger against God and the cause of beginning the legal challenge.

Gods Not Dead prof.png

Rather than get frustrated, angry, or exasperated with those professing atheism and arguing against faith and/or God, Christians need to understand the lack of evidence and rational arguments for God are not really the reason for lack of faith. They are simply an excuse.

As the God’s Not Dead movies hint, atheism is often an emotional response to a deep sense of loss and injustice. A loved one who is not healed. A relationship that is lost or broken, possibly on “spiritual”grounds. Mistreatment or abuse at the hands of a trusted person, possibly again spiritually “justified.” As a person of faith, I must spend time listening to a person’s story (not peppering them with proofs) to hear their real “argument” against God.

Furtgods not dead 2 courtroomhermore, the Christian must constantly realize the devil intentionally blinds the eyes of individuals so they cannot see the evidence for God’s existence. He may use multiple tactics to distract or dissuade a person from seeing the plethora of indications our world did not come to be or continues to exist randomly or by chance. As people of faith, our primary task is to be pray God would remove their blindness and open their eyes to the truths around them and give them faith to believe. While the Enemy is defeated, he is not yet dead either.

Likewise, Christians need to avoid trite or patronizing answers to individual’s real pain. There may not be a good answer as to why God did not heal Jeffrey Radisson’s grandmother (as in the original God’s Not Dead). There are biblical truths that apply to every situation, but they are not necessarily a good answer(s) to the question being asked or the pain being felt. They remain true, and at some point the individual may come to accept them, yet the Christian’s task is to demonstrate the compassion of Christ to another person remains the same.

Shortly after posting, I found two more excellent resources dealing with this same topic:

  • Andy Stanley’s series of messages on Who Needs God? at NorthPoint Church Community Church.



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