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Book Review – Your Powerful Prayers by Susie Larson

September 3, 2016

Although I was not familiar with Susie Larson’s books, I want to find more of her books after reading the encouraging and biblically and theologically articulate Your Powerful Prayers (Baker, 2016). After briefly reflecting upon different prayer perspectives she took as her faith matured,she indicates her purpose for the reader: “Lord willing, by the time you’re done with this book, you will have bulldog faith, tenacious hope, and a profound sense of your unchangeable identity in Christ.” (p. 21) In the following chapters, she describes how this biblical triad of beliefs – and their lack – will powerfully impact our prayer life.

Larson weaves good illustrations into each chapters, demonstrating clearly and graciously the erroneous thinking many seem to believe in the way they approach God and/or prayer. Not afraid to admit her own mistakes, she honestly shares the ways her prayers showed she was not believing God’s Word and standing in her position as a Christian.

When I see a title Your Powerful Prayers, I’m immediately concerned about a health and wealth message. Again, I was pleasantly surprised and encouraged at no hint of this false doctrine in Larson’s writing. She very clearly points out prayer is not a means to manipulate God. Rather, given a biblically informed understanding of God’s character and His view of each person and plan for their life, prayer is a requirement at all times, including times of testing and trial. Those experiences are not something to be avoided, but are required for the Christian to mature.

Each chapter concludes with a short summary prayer (“Let’s pray”) related to the content of the specific chapter, then provides a chance for the reader to write out a personal prayer based on a Scripture verse included, followed by “A Powerful Word,” and some personal and group group reflection questions – obviously lending itself to a study.

I would highly recommend this book, whether for personal growth or for a group study. It is definitely one the best books I have read on the topic of prayer recently.

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.


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