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Thanksgiving 2016

October 7, 2016

As we enter Thanksgiving weekend here in Canadthanksgiving-graphica, I want to share a few of the immeasurable number of things I am thanking God for today…
(not necessarily in order of priority):

  • Improved health in the last year
    …and good medical doctors who care for me (Dr Reedyk, Dr Prieur & Yvonne Balon)
  • Sarah, my amazing wife…
    …who is also an amazing mother to our children
  • Caleb, Rachel & Anna – our healthy and growing children
  • Two more wonderful international students, Maggie & Phoebe
    …we thought our two previous international students, Hayley and Baylee were great! Actually, we still think they are great and we miss them, but look forward to seeing them at Christmas when they have a break from their studies at UBC.
  • The blessing of having both my parents and my wife’s parents in the same town, influencing their grandchildren in so many ways! (mostly good)
  • Brothers & sisters and brother-in-laws & sister-in-laws and their partners and children (aka wonderful aunts, uncles & cousins for our kiddos)
  • An encouraging church family (PTC) where we see God working in people’s lives consistently
  • A wonderful lead pastor, Dr Tim Miller and his wife Cecile and their family
  • An incredible new school building that are children are able to attend at Prairie Christian Academy
    Even more importantly, superb teachers at PCA
  • The people I am meeting and connecting with in my role as Provost of Missional University
  • The incredible technology we have available that lets us maintain contact with past colleagues and friends and connect face-to-face with new colleagues/friends
  • The opportunity to have taught again at Prairie College and to make ongoing connections with students
  • A great group of couples/friends who have children about our age.
  • The privilege of serving alongside godly brothers & sisters with ACTION Canada and ACTION International.
  • A part-time job that allows me to use my computer & administrative skills serving a pretty amazing realtor. Check out
  • The privilege of living in the greatest country in the world, Canada!

Most importantly, to God (who has blessed me with all these gifts and many more) and has given me salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to forgive my sins, and rose again to defeat death, and empowers me to live and love all people in His Name. Deo Gloria!


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