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Millenials, Marriage & African Elephants

November 3, 2016

african-elephantWhile reading with my son, I discovered the following about African Elephants: “Young males eventually leave the herd to live alone or with other males. The females stay together to protect the young.”

While I don’t ascribe to evolutionary theory, I am afraid I’ve known too many young men who have become African elephants. While they were nice husbands in the early years of marriage, as the children started to come, they were still “out with boys” – hunting, skiing, playing hockey, doing sports trips, etc – while their wife was left at home with young children. Husbands who are “out with boys” is one of the main frustrations of many wives. (Even worse, husbands return and wonder why there spouse is not sexually responsive)

men-hunting-picIn this way, I appreciate the millenial males who are not rushing into marriage. They are doing the “guy stuff” while they are single. Then, as they settle into married life and begin having children, they are able to enjoy this season. They don’t wonder, “What am I missing with the guys” because they have lived and experienced that time in life and are now ready to go ahead to another season of life. They are responsible men. Not African elephants.

This is not to say married guys – even young fathers – can still not get together and do activities, even weekend getaways. But I think the millenials may be smarter than many of my GenX friends who got married earlier and then still wanted to have their “guys time” when both their wife and their young family really needed their presence.

Image of Hunters standing together against sunrise sky in rural field during hunting season.
Image ID:437239948  Copyright: AndreyUG (c) Shutterstock

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