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A bigger picture: Beyond what you see

November 18, 2016

The Lord has been reminding me in a number of ways recently that He sees the bigger picture. A person needs to trust Him because we cannot see the details. But He does. Although many people know this truth in their heads, and may have multiple examples in their own faith experience demonstrating this principle, it requires constant reminders.Casting Crowns pic

From a pastor’s message.
From a book you are reading.
From a Casting Crowns song.

Why has God not chosen to heal your loved one? or you? What does this agonizing disease continue to plague the body and beat down the soul, causing spiritual zeal to wane? Is there no relief? Or what about that miraculous match for an organ transplant… that doctors discovered would not actually work when they began surgery with the donor?
Has God forgotten? Or even worse, does God remember you but not care to help you? Remember, He sees the bigger picture.

Are you trying to figure out what else you can do or where else you can look for that special someone? Its not that you want to settle for just anyone… but you’re not that “strange” or unattractive. Why doesn’t God send a wo/man so you can serve Him together? Remember, He sees the bigger picture.

Are you trying to understand why you have been unemployed for three months? six months? a year? Or you may have found temporary, part-time work, but it is certainly not in the area you trained for or have your best skills. Remember, He sees the bigger picture.

Whatever the quandary you are wrestling with God over… Remember, He sees the bigger picture.

Thank God for the blessings… and the challenges… placed in front of you today. Ask God to help you see a glimpse – not of what He sees – but of how He sees.

I`d be glad to hear your story of how God is helping you see the bigger picture in a challenge you are facing. Submit the form below:


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