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Book Review – Love Your Work by Robert Dickie III

January 25, 2017

Robert Dickie’s Love Your Work is an interesting read for those who are realizing the changing nature of employment in the 21st century. While discussing renew, repurpose, reinvent, and revector (subtitle “the 4 practical ways you can pivot to your best career”), he explains well the realities of working in a new global, technologically advanced society.

The book is easy to read and moves along at a good pace (This reader guesses this book is the written compilation of career seminars the author gives live in person). Dickie also includes numerous resources, from online career/work assessments to identifying useful e-newsletters and podcasts for the reader to subscribe. In these ways, the book is practical. However, within the actual content of the book, there specific steps to take to pivot your career are limited.

Overall, the book is an interesting combination of “Wake up and smell the coffee!” because here is how working is changing and “Ra-Ra-Go-Get-Em!” cheerleading, seeking to inspire individuals to make the necessary changes to compete in the global, technological millennium. It contains many good life principles for succeeding in work/career (and other areas) such as in chapter 5 Make it Happen where he discusses the need to face your fears and the importance of endurance. Likewise, chapter 7 contains useful advice on Leveraging Failure.

Its an enjoyable read and has some good resources. For a young adult, it may be a great help as they start on a career. For this mid-40 reader, it was interesting, but not overly helpful!

Disclaimer: The publisher provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

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