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Book Review – The Mission of the Church Five Views in Conversation

February 11, 2017

I was excited to review this book in light of my role with Missional University. However, I am being challenged to get through it for multiple reasons, including the fact the book is very heavy reading. Realizing it comes from Baker Academic Books, this is not a total surprise, but this reader would contend it is a senior level college or graduate level textbook. It is not a book for a general Christian audience.

The book has many exemplary features, including well-known and respected authors writing and responding from each of five different perspectives on the mission of the church: prophetic dialogue, multi-cultural translation, integral transformation, sacramental vision and kingdom community. After each of the five authors present their summary of the perspective they explore in a chapter, they take one chapter to respond to each of the other perspectives. As the five perspectives are not mutually exclusive, this format works okay.

In this reader’s mind, it is really a five views on the mission of the church. It does not have the element of a back-and-forth conversation like Ron J Sider & Ben Lowe’s The Future of our Faith (Baker, 2016).

Note: This book was provided to the reviewer free of charge by Baker Books for an unbiased blog review.




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